How to Make Gold Bar
The casting of vacuum gold bar is usually done in a refinery because they usually need to produce gold bullion with very good surface quality and very bright. People usually prefer to buy such gold. When the refining is completed, the gold is placed in a granulator, through which it is made into small granules for weighing. Place the gold granules in the bar mold, and finally place the mold in the vacuum bar casting machine. Under the protection of vacuum and inert gas, it can avoid gold oxidation, shrinkage, and water ripples on the surface. After casting, place the gold nugget under the logo stamping machine to press out the required patterns and text. Then use dot peen marking machine to number the gold bars.
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Taeantech Vacuum Gold Bar Making Process
Taeantech Vacuum Gold Bar Making Process
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The recovered gold is made into granules for easy weighing.
Casting bright gold bars in the vacuum smelting chamber.
Stamping patterns on gold bar according to customer needs.
Put different numbers on the gold bars.