Years Experience
Taeantech was founded in Shenzhen, the company set independent research and development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the high-tech enterprises
Mainly engaged in jewelry design and production, metal smelting, automatic casting, vacuum + inert gas protection ingot casting machine, granulator, precious metal atomization equipment research and development and design, obtained a number of appearance patents
The company has applied for a number of utility model patents to solve jewelry design, gold bar production line, scientific metal experiments and other problems, to provide high-quality products for jewelers, major mining and research institutions
Since its establishment, it has become the cooperation of Zijin Mining, Jinqu Group, Zhaojin Group, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry, Chow Sang Sang Jewelry, China Gold, Zhejiang University and other top 100 enterprises and well-known universities
Taeantech is a precious metal smelting and casting machine manufacturer that integrates independent research and development, professional design, production, sales, and after-sales service, with a history of nearly 10 years. Our factory was established in 2016 and is located in Shenzhen, China. Focusing on jewelry equipment design and production, metal smelting, automatic pouring, vacuum+inert gas protection ingot casting machine, high vacuum protection granulator, launching the first domestic high vacuum continuous casting machine and automatic secondary feeding stirring casting machine, and developing precious metal atomization powder making machine to solve the problem of one-time casting of gold and silver ingots.
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we provide perfect customized integrated solution by in-depth communication with clients. Keep reducing delivery time and production cost, help you to win the best market timing and gain the competitive edge.
South Korea jewelry casting machine design and solutions
We are very grateful to Taeantech for providing high-quality solutions, superb production and development technology to create efficient jewelry machines, because their excellent design work, timely after-sales communication, useful solutions are crucial to the operation of our jewelry casting line
South Korea jewelry casting machine design and solutions
Indonesian silver particle and silver pipe project
I learned about Taeantech Company through the international jewelry exhibition,and later visited their factory to start my jewelry casting line.  Jack is really a good man.He accompanied me to the procurement project.  He gave me a detailed introduction to the use of each machine, the principle, and seriously answered my questions.  At the same time, I also deeply felt the superb enterprise culture, was shocking. The project has been completed for a year now, and everything is in order.  Superb engineers will also regularly ask about the machine's status.Thank you very much.  Taeantech is really a professional and patient enterprise.
Indonesian silver particle and silver pipe project
Russian metal Atomizer project
They have excellent professional and technical team, able to complete the project, gold smelting and casting system;   they have great respect for our needs, and abide by the occupation morals;   in short, we strongly recommend Superb to the line of business and professional services
Russian metal Atomizer project